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Highway 2 Online hopes
The Search Engines Listed Below
will make things easier.
Simply type your query into the box
and click the appropriate ANSWER BUTTON.
Clicking on a logo will take you
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Popular Internet Search Engines!

Search Excite
Search HotBot
Search Infoseek
Search Lycos
Search MetaCrawler
Search Snap
Search Starting Point
Search Yahoo
All-in-One Search - index of many search engines
Go - The GO Network
Magellan - McKinley Space Center Search Engine
Mamma - Mother of all Search Engines!
Northern Lights - Organized into Folders!
Searchopolis - Filtered (no adult content)!
Search Satellite - Requires NS 3+ or IE 4+ - Operatored by: (CNET)

Search for Anything...Just ASK!

Ask Jeeves!    Ask Jeeves? Your Internet Butler!

Search for a Person or Organization

Lycos PeopleFind
Usenet Address Search
Yahoo People Search

Search Usenet Newsgroups

 Deja News    Search Newsgroups using the DEJA News!

Newsguy    Search Usenet Messages with help from Newsguy!

AltaVista Search    Try the AltaVista Newsgroup Search Engine!

Search Worldwide Sites

Search Engine Colossus - Worldwide - Search Engines   Over 1500 Search Engines

Search Government Sites

Search the US GOV   The US Government Search Engine!

Search for Grants & Free Money!   Find Grants, Scholarships, & Free Money!

Search Specialty Sites

NASCAR   The NASCAR Racing Circuit!

Search INDY Racing   The INDY Racing League!

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