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Website & Homepage Design Price:

  • (1) Typical Homepage with Standard Graphics:

    Similar to our Homepage without scanning needs: $75.00 one time cost including: design, customization, testing, uploading into your web space and submiting to 17 popular search engines. (Requires at least 300Kb of your own home space). You can Lease a 1 megabyte Space for $3.50/Month for 12 Months, Additional File Storage costs $1.50 per megabyte (minimum 1 Mb).

    As an example: If Your Business needs a Website or you would like to have Your Own 2 megabyte Homepage. A $75.00{1 time} Design Cost and monthly fee would be $3.50{website space} + $1.50{additional 1 megabyte storage} = $5.00(total per month) This would include free website maintenance and 4 updating events per month (extra updating costs $2.50 per event).

  • (2) Personalized home page with provided gif/jpg files:

    If you provide us your own graphic files no larger than 100K. The price would be: $100 one time or $10 per month (min. 12 months). 5 megabytes space provided. ($1.50 each additional megabyte).

  • (3) Minimum graphic home page:

    Similar as our home page: $50.00 one time charge and site storage would be the same $3.50/MB. We do not offer text only homepages.

  • (4) Premium personalized graphic home page:

    This home page requires extensive scanning without user's provided scanned files. The basic cost would be similar to the above plus $15 per scanned picture. Alternatively your may use some local scanning service to save the cost. Simply mail or upload your graphic gif or jpg files and we will process. If you send bmp or tiff or any other graphic forms we will need to convert to gif or jpg files. The conversion will cost $5 per picture.

  • (5) Over size and advanced home page:

    Please email for a quote.

    Email: or Contact us: 1 (509) 636-2220.

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